emergency. miracle single mother of termilly ill child

by Rose (Murrysville.Pa)

I am asking and hoping of a miracle in gods hands. I am a single mother of a termilly ill child i adopted that came from a horrible home he was born from 6 generations of incest he is autistic mr sanflipio sciolios epilepsy muscle deteration. Nuerological disfunctional are just some of what he has.

All off his biologocal siblings pass away. He started to deterate i had uit my job to care for him and travel to hospital and move back home to have his case compared to his siblings .i was able to go back to work then i was diagnoised with breast cancer. . The house i movedinto 6months ago i i spent the last of my money to move in and put up fencing for my son sensory problems the owner selling it . I have to move asap. .

I am just finish chemo i am job hunting now but i am completely broke . I find perfect home for us . And have to move quick its going in foreclosure but i need. 6100 to move help with moving cost . I am a person who has given her life to helping. People and always .

Im praying i can find the same . This issue with house has my son is such disarray i am trying to quickly restore. Bless you all.

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