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Emergency Prayer request- Svetlana Kost please pray for these prayer as if it were for your own” I ask that God himself May go in front of all these prayer request petitions! We thank our Heavenly Father in advance for his faithfulness & May his Holy name be glorified through this all! As for each one of you May God bless you all like never before for your prayers & support for God knows we need it! My whole family is in very difficult place -we fully surrender our family in the hands of Jesus under the blood of Jesus we ask that Jesus guides us in his MERCY WISDOM STRENGTH PROTECTION like never before full healing FULL RESTORATION SALVATION PROTECTION BLESSING & VICTORY! We ask that God himself untangles this very difficult situation & puts everything in its place according to Our heavenly Gods will & plan! For we are created by our Heavenly Father Lord God bought with a very expensive price- the blood of Jesus! Jesus is our savior! I apply the blood of Jesus in Jesus name! I ask for The blood of Jesus to heal every wound & cleanse us & guide us in his HOLY righteousness restore & give full internally & externally healing & free us from all nets plots of the enemy!!! Our life salvation protection body soul mind is in the hands of an Almighty God! We are indeed of desperate for God will & plan to take full action & for his HOLY name to be glorified! 🙏 We need GOD intervention like never before for he sees & knows everything! May the Lord destroy all the intrigues of the enemy against me, my family, bloodline & our generations! May God himself & the blood of Jesus protect us from all evil & evil people & shatter every demonic force against me & my family & bloodline & everything that is not build on the will or the plan of Jesus against me & my family & take my family out of this difficult situation in full mercy grace protection salvation blessing & anointment & victory ! And humble all enemies who’s intentions are to only destroy what God has created! May God himself demand devil to step away from us eternally! May the Lord guide us in repentance protection salvation purity truth faith -renew us, make new & whole, give us strength, protect with His eternal protection and restore my family completely in Jesus name! May the will of Jesus Christ be fulfilled and a great victory manifested and may his Holy Name be glorified! May God bless each one of you for your support & prayers like never before in Jesus name & reward you all with eternal blessing! 🙏🙏🙏 #2. Brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray for my brother Dmitry for complete healing and restoration protection and salvation blessing in his life and in his family, and may the holy name of Jesus be glorified! 🙏 #3. May God’s salvation mercy and will & protection go in front of this prayer! May God himself reunite the family & bring daddy back his children! Bless Restore save & protect them in Jesus name! Thank you! 🙏 #4. All additional prayer request we submit in the hands of an Almighty God for Gods will to be done & his name to be Glorified! 🙏 May God bless each one of you for your support & prayers like never before in Jesus name & reward you all with eternal blessing! 🙏 🙏🙏🙏

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  1. Healing great needs

    O Sacred Heart, You Who can do all things, I beg of You for healing for my family and myself. Your picture does occupy a special place in our home, please pour out great graces for us today. By Your burning love for all sinners, repentant through Jesus, bless us and make us well now, please,

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