Elohim, Great and Illustrious Heavenly Father

by Lee (Noack)

Yahweh Elohim, The Great and Illustrious Father of all the World,
I beg, plead and beseech your Holiness for MIRACLES for ALL the world and especially those that are asking your help from this forum Praywithme.com ! I know and trust that all who come to your benevolence, for their needs, will NOT go unanswered and we praise and offer ourselves with GREAT thanks. We love you most Holy One, even when we are not able to show perfectly our love because of
our selfishness in actions . . . We all act in desperation and are tempted by Satan when we may see the easy way out. Please forgive our frailty, for we truly want to do what is right and just. We will “Pay-it-forward” to perpetuate your Goodness. We will Praise you and tell others what you have done for us in your benevolence and in your mercy. We ask PLEASE be merciful, reward your servants to meet their most ardent needs. We ask this in hopes you can receive this prayer loud and clear among the noise of this troubling world of anguished souls. We ask this in your Holy son’s name, the lamb of God, who died on the cross for our sins ( which should be enough in it’s self ) JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. AMEN and AMEN . . . I pray this prayer for anyone who reads this . . . But also for my self ! I’m ashamed to ask anything for myself, for the Lord has truly has blessed me in many ways ! I have Diabetes and my insulin in itself cost me roughly $ 1000.00 a month ! I have high Blood pressure and Acid re-flux disease. I am 60 years old and on food stamps ( Thankful for that ) I am desperately looking for a Job after two failed Businesses . . . But with my age and my health, I have not been too successful ! I’m a Graphic Artist. It also weighs down my spirit at times, but I am certain MY LORD and GOD will NOT leave me “hanging off the cliff” and rescue is on the way. I live in Dallas Georgia and plan to move to Marietta. No matter what happens to you, ALWAYS praise the Lord Jesus and hang tight . . . The storm WILL pass ! God bless those who ask in prayer and I sincerely hope your life and your dreams happen as you expect them to . . . Thank our Elohim, Great and Illustrious Heavenly father through Jesus of Nazarene his only begotten son !

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