Eleven years old

by Lisa Hayes ()

When I was just eleven I feel in love with the boy next door my age puppy love. We had a close relationship and spent all the time we could together. Then one day just out of the blue my daddy raped me and continued for several months. I couldn’t look at Scottie the same way again. I became promiscuous with many boys in our neighborhood. I never did that with Scottie, I didn’t think I was good enough. Daddy got married she had 2 daughters one 5 and one 8…. She wanted me out of the house, she was calling me a slut because of the guys. She didn’t know my daddy was why she found condoms. My moma and Granny had refused to take me insisting I stay with daddy. I had a panic attack and the Dr discovered I had been abused. I was sent to my Granny home. I don’t know what she ever said to Scott about me leaving. She was in her 30s and this was during the early 1970s.. I talked to Scottie by text the other day. We have been apart 47 years. I asked him simple questions and was he married and he said no. The conversation and other conversation we have had he has been arrogant and just rude. Patsy was the only one who could have told Scottie anything about me. I also discovered Scottie has been seeing Patsy daughter. I feel my life was stolen from me. Scottie was supposed to be my first kiss and love not daddy. Please pray for a 2nd chance for Scottie and myself. I know Patsy daddy’s wife is the one telling Scottie things, there is noone else. It’s been 47 years since we were together. He won’t believe me telling him like he will what they say. I know what I was at eleven the sad part is the only adult were busy calling me a slut. I just want him to know the truth about everything. During this time we have been together she takes school pictures of Scott that he gave me. She took the picture cause I had had it for so long. Patsy is wrong, she has no right to call me anything I was a little kid she was calling a slut. Please pray for Scottie to hear and find out all of the truth, he would not believe what I say. I’m asking for mercy from the feeling of scorn and humiliation they make me feel like I’m a slut, my life has been nothing like that for 35 years. But these people have kept me pulled down in their minds.

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