Ein Gebet, um Sie wissen zu lassen, wie ich über die vergangenen Ergebnisse denke

by adriana ()

Dear God, I thought maybe I could explain what happen in school. I just wanted to clarify that I went to two private high schools. The first one I had honors in the second one I had a hard time in. Let me explain… One day, I was going to school to the very first school where I was well behaved studious and everything, when a church member wanted to meet up with me at the school because she wanted to see her boyfriend. Anyway another beautiful girl who was my class mate at the time wanted to be with this particular boy too. So, because I knew the other girl from church and her heart I stood up for her and I let them be together. So , the beautiful strong girl that was my class mate wanted to fight me, so I managed to walk away saying you don’t know my intentions. The next day I had gone to class and it just so happens that I had a hard day at home with my family life and she just wanted to squeal put my personal business and then I had my first nervous breakdown in school. The next year, I didn’t report to the same school I went to another school where I ran into trouble because of my weak nerves. Anyway , I was doing good in the beginning of the year with my grades, mind you to know. Any how, one day some girl who was in my elective class who so happen to be years younger was envious that I was getting A’s in the class, wanted to know me better. She uses my personal information in the school against me and gives me a nervous break down , not knowing her intentions to wreck my name. Anyhow she talks about me publicly in the school to other people in the school to get them prejudice against me. At this point I hate everyone of them. My grades go down and in the other class my fellow class mate finds out my weakness and distorts my grades in the classroom by asking me how I had perfect grade on the test. When the time the senior class trip comes around, their was a rumor I didn’t want to attend. So, my senior class mates forces me to go by mentioning what are you going to do stay home and smoke cigarettes all day in front of the teacher and everyone. So, mind you I didn’t have to get suspended in school, I didn’t have to get beat up at home, I didn’t have to go through anything, but I was forced to go to this trip in order for her to ruin my name. So, any way, I went, she pisses me off, I couldn’t take my nerves, so I smoked. The next day I was called to the office and the principal talks to my disabled mom and tells her that I can’t take my books home for the final exams to study and I’m expelled from school. It was wrong what they did, my class mate decides to be superior over me and asks my mom to beat me for it over the phone where my cries were recorded. So the school can say I’m a baby. Anyway, I couldn’t study for the finals in school, I prayed that I would graduate, and I did without the books. My grades were designed to be low but I remembered every thing the teachers said in class so I graduated. Even though my grades were designed to be low, they did it so that later on I will be beaten up publicly if I didn’t stop through my psychologist. Because they thought I didn’t have sense for some reason. They said that this particular man that I married was the right one , you know why right? To beat me. So, now that this set up is set up the way they wanted. I’m divorced and they took away my kid, because they said I was an unfit mother. Just so you know the girl that I stood up for from church, is married with children and because she married who she loved of whom she met with me at the school is happy. On the other hand, I couldn’t be. Do you know, that my cousin and her children had the same problem in her marriage and he never beat her up, and still has bad habits and she’s happy with her life? Did you know that? What is wrong with this picture? What was wrong with that school and their ways of not minded their own business? Was it a way to create a name for themselves or to say they are too good for me! God help me and let me have a chance to enjoy my life without the interference of others. I don’t appreciate people like this. I know that was wrong and it was wrong to ever consider them as friends. Beat up and tossed aside for no reason other than jealousy! God deal with them all and I hope they will learn their lesson not to treat people like that! I’m happy that I’m divorced and ready to find my happiness no thanks to them! Amen.

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