Egg Retrieval at 40

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First of all please forgive me for anything ive done in the past that is consisdered a sin. Please forgive me for having two abortions in the past: i was young, stupid and naive at that time. But at least i didnt a bring child into this world wen i myself was never ready with life till now. I am 40 today and finally i can say that i am ready for a baby. Im in a career that i love, plan to stay for a long time, and i get paid well! I have a husband and a home that we bought together we r now just missing a miracle baby and GOD u are the only that can help us. I believe in you! I recently went through IVF and only two eggs were retrieved. But they say only 1 egg is needed. Please bless us with a good outcome and have the PGS testing come back normal. Again God please forgive me for my sins wen i was young and dumb. I am 40 now and im ready to be a Mom now please let it happened this time. The IVF is expensive and is mentally and physically draining…you know this. So please bless me where i dont have to go through this again. And bless us with a baby!!

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