Earnest Prayer For Financial Solution

by Margaret (Malaysia)

Dear Lord,

You are aware that I have lost everything I had earned in 40 years am now bowing before completely lost.

I had worked for what I had earned. I have made some mistakes and have paid for it.

But this one last source to solve my financial situation which I had been working on for 8 years and had continually prayed for you to bless it, is now lost for no fault of mine. I will not question why, dear GOD as I bow down to your will.

Yet I am in constant turmoil as to how to manage the next few years without my two young daughters and I, being on the street.

Please God in thy divine mercy show me a way to earn a decent income to manage the years ahead.

Thank you for showering me with your goodness all my life and still keeping me healthy for my children.

I Praise and Worship you my Lord. Jesus in you I trust

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