DWI Prayer

by Gee (NM)

I pray for my friend Calvin who was lonely and sad because of this loneliness he got to drinking and then got behind the wheel. Please help him get out of this situation and please help him learn from this huge mistake and heal his heart and his mind. He was weak and got himself into so much trouble it might mean prison for him Please I ask in your name Jesus Christ Amen

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  1. Praying for God's mercy for all of us

    God bless, Calvin. I am in the same situation praying to God for a miracle. I am older, married with children. Never been in trouble with the law. This has been a total humiliation and shame. Praying for God’s mercy for all of us.

  2. Prayer for mercy

    I am facing the same situation. I pray that God will show mercy on all of us who have made a mistake. Please God show us mercy!

    -R, IL

  3. Not alone

    Calvin, you are certainly not alone. Turn to our Lord for guidance and strength. My spouse went through two DWIs before he realized his life was being ruined by alcohol and that he didn’t want to live that way anymore. He begged the Lord for forgiveness and for his help. The next day he received a spiritual awakening that definitely changed his life and he has not had a drink in 10 years. And I stress, this was a man who was totally in ruins with his family, me and the children. For a while thereafter, he preached to others the importance of having faith in our Lord and having him in our lives daily. Good luck with your legal issues. I truly know tha pain and fear you must be experiencing. Turn to our Lord for strength and healing.

  4. i am in a similar situation

    hi, i’ll be praying for you calvin. I to have a court date on march 4th for a potential dwi and i need a miracle. I feel weird praying to God about my sin but at the same time am trying to fast and pray that God might have mercy on me and perform a miracle I do not deserve. If I could give you some advice you should check yourself into counselling, talk to church members about your problem, and attend AA meetings perhaps. Do as much as you can before court as This might impress the judge, and more importantly, address any problems you have with drinking.

    Please pray for me in the name of Jesus. God Bless.

  5. Look unto the Lord

    I am in the same situation currently. On the night I got behind the wheel, a careless mistake I will forever be scarred by. I take solice these days in the grace of God, my higher power. He guides me everyday and the prayers I have come across have helped me to start healing. Take his hand, and he shall never forsake you in your time of need. You are never alone if you take Him into your heart, and lean on him when life seems bleek.
    I will keep you in my prayers, and know that “He is your refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

  6. In the same situation

    In the same situation. If God will bring you to it he will bring you through it. Also remember to rejoice in hardships. I’m not sure when this was posted but Calvin will be in my prayers. Keep me in yalls as well. Read Joshua 1:9 God Bless.

  7. So much to look forward to

    I have been in the same situation and honestly it feels like the end of the world. It most certainly is not! He is not alone. Inch by inch life’s a cinch. By the yard, life is hard. Tell him to take it a day at a time and sometimes an hour at at time. This will pass and he will see light again. We learn and grow from all of our experiences. The good ones AND the challenging ones. He is up to the challenge it will strengthen him. If he is asked to do community service, he is allowed to choose what service he would like. I tutored a young man who could not read, and later that child got a scholorship to university. Ask him to share his gifts and he will receive his reward tenfold.

  8. First DUI

    I am in a similar position to the above posts. I was stopped for speeding around this time last week. When I was stopped, state patrol asked me to exit the car. I “failed” field sobriety and paperwork signed by the office indictates I declined blood testing and breathalyzer numbers were not recorded. I never declined the test. I just haven’t ever been in this predicament before and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Needless to say it’s a mess. I’m going to have to take out a loan to pay an attorney $5000 to represent my case. I doubt I’ll face jail time, but I could easily lose my license for a year and have to use an ignition device to start my car in the event I do not lose my license. I also hold a professional healthcare license and very well could lose it. I’m having nightmares each and every night and can barely get out of bed before noon each day.

    Yes I am guilty of having drank a few beers before getting behind the wheel, but this is my first infraction and no one was hurt. I’m just terrified and confused. I’m only 30 and I feel this is it for me. My husband seems to have checked out and left it all to me to handle and he and I were already on the verge of separation before. I may be forced to find a job online or some odd jobs close to my home to pay the bills until I can get beyond this. In addition to attorney, let’s not forget court costs, fines if I lose the case, and paying my bond. I feel like I’m suffocating.

    I’ve struggled with knowing if it’s wrong to pray to God that I get out of this. That the case is thrown out entirely. Is it wrong to pray to God and ask him to deliver you from your mistake?

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