DUI Dissmissal

by Ray ()

Please pray DUI gets dismissed. I cannot see in my left eye . I drank one night and was in the car with my boyfriend . I did not damage or hit anything 5 mins from o
home . I just got close to the median. Nothing happened but the cop insisted he arrested me. I got mistreated and pushed around in jail. He said i refused to blow but I didn’t blow hard . I did blow though. I begged to go to the. hospital but they wouldn’t take me. I asked for an attorney they wouldn’t let me call. I got bruises from the hand cuffs and they put me in a cell . Most horrific i never experienced in my life . When they wrote my report they said I was a white female. I am asian and brown. When they wrote the report they said they transferred Ms Maxwell to the station. That is not my name. they copy and pasted someone else’s report to build a case of probable cause. This was not fair. I should not have drank that much. I wasn’t drunk but i did drank . Still though no need. to lie and build false case and treat me that way.
Please pray for me. I just graduated and am trying to get a job now this thing is holding me back. I know God will take care of it in his own time. Please prY it gets dismissed . I am healthcare professional and it cannot be on my record . Please pray for me first case is today at 8:30

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