Drug Addiction

by Stephen C ()

I need prayer for my sister Kimberly w. in Baltimore,MD. she has been on drugs for over 28 years and now she is in very badd shape. she has lose her apartments twice in the last 2 years, she is homeless now and living at a shelter because she uses her money on drugs.She gets a big disability check from the service and she doesn’t pay her rent or car note or anything .This is one of the things that killed my mother plus my mother was dealing with stage 4 lung cancer.She’s been depress that she lost our mother, our father the past year. But when both of my parents were alive she never did nothing for them or help them with anything and she lost her husband 3 years ago from a drug overdose. It is still no excuse for what she’s done she doesn’t have any of her kids,they all where taken from her I am asking for prayer before my sister dies from drugs.I can’t have no relationship with my sister at all she lies about every single thing and she wants pity and I cannot deal with her at all you can’t have her around you too long because things might turn up missing and I cannot take this anymore. I’m praying she gets in a program a long-term program and finally get some help because all of the other programs she was in she manipulates and stil gets out and go get drugs. About a month ago she was driving with no insurance and suspended license she was high and crashed into for cars I told her that God’s grace is still on you cuz you do not supposed to survive something like that and you’re driving while intoxicated she has to go to court I told her I will go to court support her but that’s it I no longer will have anything to do with you until you go get help and you come back clean .Then we can have relationship but until then I am done. The stress is too much on me I see what my mother and my sister’s in-laws we’re saying .she drains you until it’s nothing left she plays on you if you are loved one she manipulates her kids with untruths. And she is not capable of taking care of herself at all. She tells me the she’s a Christian but I tell her you show no characteristics of a godly woman at all. I pray she will start to fear God because that is the beginning of wisdom.I told her what the Bible says
about liars.I told her her body is God’s Temple and you have done so much damage to it with drugs. I asked you to pray for her a couple months ago and I’m back asking you to please continue to pray for her and her kids they are Lindsay and Kelly and Nicholas ,,Lindsey is very violent she has seen both her parents doing drugs. Kelly her daughter is living in sin with her boyfriend she’s only 22 years old .I pray for them night and day I speak to them about the Bible every chance I get but they’re not hearing me. Thank you and GOD Bless this ministry

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