Dresses in Armor of the Lord, ready for Battle

by Lauren Friese (Houston)

Dear Heavenily Father,

Thank you for strife, pain, obstacles and joy, love, peace and our son Payton. I know this journey has been enduring on Monte and myself.
My heart was hard by the Sin,

I had to fight, drop to my knees a pray and pray for the anger for his sins and mine to be exalted. Monte, stood steadfast best as he could. Not always kind and gracious but he was relentless grounded asking for us to come back home.

I was blinded by anger. June 23,2013 I was forgiven. Poured out the Soul, I forgave Monte and Forgave myself. Your grace opened my heart, renewed my love and nothing but Passion pours. Now I am standing here fighting for my family. I am stand here asking ” Thank you forgivig! Lord please open Monte’s heart.

Please sew your songs of love and family, Payton and I in his dreams to guide him back to make us whole again.
Please allow him to see through the Devil’s deceitful ways of Lust and sex. Dress him in the Armor of the Lord. Father I give you Monte to transform him into a Man of God. Please holy spirit consume him and guide him back “Home”! – thank you Lord for your strength, thank you for your blessing.