Drained, Tired,Lost

by Reesey (South Africa)

Sain’t, I ask that you take my prayer before Jesus whom will lay my request before God the father fir my full resorption in job, finances, health, spirit. Sain’t the rent is due, no food in cupboards, unpaid bills, humiliation, laughter against me, no where to turn, no home to go should we be evicted? Not understanding at all. Please lay my request for full restoration with ability to help others too. I love you God regardless, just so tired, in Jesus Name St Jude, I ask that you speak to Our Father an Son on my behalf, and thank you, thank you for being one person Jesus could count on to spread the word and love of God, and thank you for time, your assistance and the miracles now flooding in, thank you for listening to me, I know there are many others requiring some assistance too and taking this time to look into my matter/s mean a lot. My request of assistance in Jesus name without any harm to anyone, thank you.