Doors of uncommon favours and wisdom.

by Ujeya (Kasoa,Ghana)

In the mighty NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, The Son of The Most High God. The Lion of Judah. The Prince of Peace, The Alpha and Omega, The First and The Last, The Lord that Says a thing and it comes to pass. Today Oh Lord my Father open doors of uncommon Favours and Wisdom unto me, For your Word say that if a man ask for wisdom you the most high will not search for his sin or judge him but give him Wisdom according to his heart desires, Oh lord today bless me and my family and friends according to our various heart desire. Having waited so long for my breakthrough, Oh lord i shall not be frustrated or disappointed for your word says again that those that Trust in you are Bless and shall prosper. Make me the tree by the side of the river, don’t let my leafs to go dry and bless me according to it’s season.Bless me Lord, Bless the works of my hands IN JESUS NAME, Amen.

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