Dont let me be alone and dont let me sin

by Sowmya (Bangalore)


I have worshiped you since the time i ve understood how life is. All I asked you was to never leave me alone. I asked you to come and be with me. You sent him to me. I thought we are all born incomplete, we meet to be complete. But apparently, people just come and go.

He left me alone. I had forgotten what is loneliness. I just did everything to him, that you would have done in my place as me. Now he has gone. I have no one to ask him back for. He is too far from me. I want him, for I consider him as life partner and a soulmate and for i dont want to commit sin. Give me happiness, and my happiness is with him only.

Please get me a job where he is now. Make me go there be with him. I may be crazy but I love him honestly. I would wait for him to change for me and come back to me till I die.
Distance makes people to adjust to their life, he will forget me if I am away. DOnt let that happen. Make him to love me please. Please pappa, I really want him.

I dont want to bribe you saying, I wil do everything if you give him back to me. But I can promise you one thing, I will be his till death separates us.
I will make sure he doesnt fall in love but he will raise through my love.

Please be with me. Help me please.


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