Doing right things, just need a little help.

My husband and I recently moved in my Ex-Mother-in-law to our home because she is elderly, very over weight, has many health issues and has nowhere to live. I have been out of work for about 8 months now and recently got a job as a waitress. However, I had major surgery in August and have been unable to work due to infection and recoverying from surgery. My husband is also looking for stable work and interviewing 3-5 times a week. We are so very behind on all of our bills and I am a little scared that now with an addition in our home, it will get worse. We cannot afford to lose our vehicles or have utilities turned off. We also have 2 kids (17 and 4). We basically need some financial help (about $7,000) to get us caught up from last month and help for next month until I am back at work. I pray for this miracle as we are trying to help my ex mother-in-law and provide a stress free, stable home for her so she wont feel like she has no where to go. I have such a supportive husband, and we both are trying to help her, but in doing so, we had some unforseen things happen that have really created a ton of stress for me. I pray in Jesus name that maybe a miracle happen to help us help her feel loved and secure. I cannot let someone that is like a mother to me feel sad and unwanted. Not on my watch.

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