Does God answer prayers?

by Jason (Bronx, NY, USA)

I’ve been praying to God for 11 years since I was evicted from my apartment which I lived for 24 years. 11 years ago, I was 24. Now I’m 35 years old God has not answered. What am I’m doing that is so wrong? Why does he take so long to answer? Why let me suffer this will draw me away from him.

It makes me not want to know God it also not want him to heal my eyes. I also did pray for my eyes to get better and no answer only my vision will get worse enough to walk with a blind man stick. Where is my God now????

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  1. Keep playing

    I don’t know I have been praying, crying, for almost as long, I have faith. Keep praying. I will pray for you,

  2. Answer

    I think when we think God not answering us he already has he puts us where he wants us if you still can’t see mayb he wants you to listen to him more as your ears must be more sensitive . Whatever happens to us is what he wants . He moved me away from my family to a new place I didn’t know . 5 years later I would never go back only to visit my family but I can see the reason starting to come clear now 5 years later . Jyst trust him and keep nagging at him not to change what had or hasn’t hapenned but to reveal to you what and why . We are all where he wants us to b that’s it no argument x

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