Do this activity for the Virgin Mary.

by Gabby ()

I prayed to the true GOD to shut the voices I Gabby hear in my head that are NOT MY OWN, specifically the Virgin Mary which goes by many names, so here is the teaching SHE FORCED I Gabby to put online as a result of her continued BRAINWASHINGS, that the true GOD Himself did not bring to a permanent end.

Our Lady of Guadalupe says to stand every day at the same exact time in the same exact place faceing NORTH with your hands and arms hanging down at your side with your hands palms flat to your leg, then slowly raise your arms up untill you feel a tapping in the center of your palms, then stop and hold that position for 25 minutes. Then rotate Faceing due South and do the same exact thing, then east, then west. When you have done this repeatedly every day for more than 2 months GOD will talk to you, but dont give up KEEP DOING this until God does talk to you, for that is what MOSES did. This COLLECTS MASSIVE amounts of SPIRITUAL ENERGY, and allows you to talk to God yourself.

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