Distressed in situations

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My cousin Sherma has multiple sclerosis
My sister keep getting angry
I really want to be housed permanent free of debt
My son leg to be healed with no pain and for him to really forgive his friend and have no evil against him
My son keep getting drunk
My daughter wears revealing clothing and rebels and get angry
My cousin Ryan need a kidney transplant
Me myself I get pain on my side internally and movement inside of me and devil speaking saying unclean things to me I get tired that I have to keep resting all the time mentally the side pain and torment s of the enemy I can’t enjoy life fully
Salvation for my adult son and daughter my brother and his family salvation Ryan and germaine and their family salvation and candy nephew soul to be saved and his family My sister and me we keep getting attack by evil spirits mum and dad house meets decorating but their something preventing my sister from decorating she said their sending markings on her and on the floor she get get terrible upset she said people are looking at her I did not believe until one day she was talking to someone and I saw something went into a man and he started to stare at my sister I said now I believe her she been attacked at times I see this in my home as well. And I get evil coming upon my face and I change and grit or growl or get angry I found they posses me pls can you pray for me I really want to be free and happy again xx bless you all thank you xx

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