Disability Prayer

(San Antonio,Tx)

I ask for prayers and blessings to fall upon my family in my time of need. I just had surgery from complications of breast cancer in which I have been taken off work until the second week of July. I had put in request from my short term disability knowing I was going to have the surgery. My claim was denied which basically has denied my family the right to pay our bills on time I can’t help myself.I had to have the surgery anyway and I am bringing in no income. in the mean time the people we are leasing our house from has decided to move back home in July and my family and I have no place to go. I would have to have the first months rent and the deposit inorder to get a house and I can’t move my household items myself I’m not allowed to use my left arm at all.I ask in prayer that God see’s us through these tough times as he has always. He has seen me through being a 24 yr old widow with 3 children, he’s seen me through dealing with breast cancer since 2003, until now I just recieved another surgery. I just got my car repossed by being 196.00 behind and I can’t pay my sons day care bill so I can return to work. I just pray that He gives me the strength to keep us going and the will to know that all is going to change. It’s so hard going through it this time because I am alone I have no one else to turn too. I have to bring it too God the hard thing is dealing with my children. I just ask to be blessed with better health so I can go back to my job and handle my business Like I always have.Please Lord I don’t ask you to move the mountain but give me the strength to go around it…AMEN