by Rachel Carpenter ()

I have continously been denied disability. On Feb. 25, 2017 my heart stopped 8 times. It was shocked 15 times. CPR was administered for an hour and a half and I was without oxygen for 2 hours. I spent 47 days in the hospital, most in ICU. Then, I spent another 30 days in Rehab. I suffered so much during those days. Blood clots in my lungs and legs, nasty bacterial infection, bleeding out and had to receive a blood transfusion, punctured lung while trying to insert pacemaker/defibrillator. Finally received pacemaker/defibrillator. So many other issues. As a result, I suffered short term memory loss and have some other health issues. I don’t look like what I’ve been through, Praise God! But I suffer every single day. I’ve been denied disability 2 times and my current lawyer is VERY discouraging about me winning the case. He suggests that I go back to work. How is that possible with the memory loss and the health issues? I’m beyond devastated! I just feel like giving up. But I have 3 young girls who look up to me. I’m also facing a child support a d custody battle with my estranged husband. He is a narcissist jerk who abuses drugs and women. I do not want my girls in that type of environment. He has money. I do not. He wants to prove me unfit due to my episode. But, I take care of all of my girls needs. I need so many prayers and encouragement! God bless!

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