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I became knowledgeable of my husbands affair in March 2021. I honestly don’t know how long it had been going on, but I suspect it began mid last year during the pandemic. Of course I am emotionally hurt by his choice and by all the lies, but more about his careless choice to be with another woman putting our children and I in harm ways during a pandemic. Being selfish. He eventually left the house for two months, which for me were the longest two months of my life because I was trying to cope with the loss of a marriage, but also trying to keep a brave face for my two little girls, 4 and 5 who every night asked for their daddy and wanting to know the reason for him not being at home with us. My husband eventually returned back home, but our relationship is not the same. I don’t feel he genuinely returned for he and I, but returned more for a financial reason. He’s not emotionally connected with me and when I try to be affectionate he pulls away or says he’s too tired. I want for my marriage to be a genuine union filled with love and passion with Gods presence. Where he and I seek Gods blessings, but also caring for each other’s needs. He is makes himself emotional, and physically available to connect as a couple. I don’t want to miss this opportunity to make our marriage be one of Gods unions. I honestly don’t know what else to do, but pray for direction on how to approach my current situation.

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