Devine Favour

by yvette jerrams ()

Dear saints. We Thank God thus far that our business in surviving the Covid 19 storm.However, we have not been able to pay our monthly bond repayments and as such we have fallen into arrears to the tune of R100.000.00.The finance house is threatening legal action.They are talking and have requested that we at least pay R50000.00 towards the arrears for them to stop proceedings,and still keep up with the monthly installment.We need to come up with R170000 by the 17th of this month.
Please pray for divine favor that all our commitments are met and the bank is not harsh with us.We work from home some if the bank forecloses,it means we loose our livelyhood.
Our God is able and nothing is impossible with Him.Amen
The Covid 19 in our mist, we have not been able to do any transactions and as such we are unable to meet our monthly commitments.
We have applied for business rescue and pray for favor that our business in granted assistance.We pray also that our creditors are lenient with us as far as money dues to them are concerned.Pray especailly for our mortgage bond financier to accept whatever we are able to pay at the present moment.Amen

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