Desperately Need Money to Pay Off All My Financial Debts

Father God, forgive me for I have sinned. I’ve not been a good steward of your gifts which you had blessed me in the past and have gone into negative now. There’s very little chance for me to recover as I had also been unsuccessful with a high paying job to make my repayments.

In my small little mind, this is the only way I know which is right now impossible for me to execute. I also need your unfathomable divine mercy and intervention to help me recover from others who owe me so that I can make my repayment as well. A bank is chasing me and expects me to pay up in full in 2 days time.

I am very very stressed now and I am literally losing my hair already and hoping the stress doesn’t take a toll on my health. You are my only consolation in my tiredness and sense of loss. God, save me please. You love me and I love you too.

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