Desperately need money to help pay bills and buy groceries

by Renee (Alabama)

Dear God,

I come to you today Lord, asking for financial help. I am in need of money to pay our bills, and money to provide food for our family. I know that you can provide all things, so God, I am asking you please, to pour out your blessings on my family, although, I know I am so undeserving.

Please forgive me of my sins, and I want to thank you for all the blessings you have already given me, and also for the blessings yet to come. I ask these things in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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  1. Depressed

    My husband works his butt off for his family but we are still struggling, I try to pray everynight for help but it seems i never get any 🙁 I have 2 little kids ages 2 and 4 and have no food in my fridge and i am 2 months behinnd on bills. Also my sons birthday is next week and we either have to pay our bills and he doesnt get anything or we forget the bills to buy him something. If it werent for my kids I would probably have killed myself by now! Please god I need help!!

  2. Needing a miracle for the holidays

    I have recently lost my job because my youngest son has relapsed in seizures and have to take him back and forth to Destin from Panama city Florida. My husband works hard and pays his ex wife 1200.00 dollars a month leaving us to struggle. We have fallen behind on our rent and this also where my husband works part time. Management called him for the first time in 8yrs. friday and told him him if he didn’t pay not to bother coming back tell he did. I find this odd because just just days before my husband spoke with the owners and had exposed the activities that were taking place by his fellow Co workers. This has opened us up for sad sad days ahead, please pray for us. …

  3. Jesus hears your prayers

    I decree and declare favor upon you I ask your warring angels to work on your behalf at the sound of God’s command to bless you now. In Jesus name

  4. praying for help

    Dear lord…..

    I have had a heckboards of a ride over the course of the last few years. Working with companies that either went out of business or performed layoffs to stay i business. Finally landing a job with the state and a minor mistake cost me that. But i picked myself back up and found a new job. Which laid me off for the winter season job attached. Yet my unemployment was denied due to the job with the state. I have ran through my savings. And exhausted help from family. I dont know where else to turn.

    I have bills to pay and food to put on thr table for my family. I know that you have a plan for everyone. I know this. I am in desperate new of help with no where to turn. Please guide me to help!!!!!

    In your sons name amen.

  5. in need of a finacial debt

    i am 60 years old i work but barely making ends meet i pray for a miracle to pay my light bill and water and mortgage payment and to buy groceries after taxes i make 200 a week i keep my grandkids during the summer so i need some help please god send me a miracle

  6. need help with bills grocery

    My family has fallen on difficult times Ian disabled and my parents can’t work and they do their best to care for me and my nieces we try our best to see the kids needs are met but with prices today it’s very hard and disability dissent Barily cover our rent Ian asking God to bless us to help with grocery and a couple bills that are shut off notices if we can get a few prayers we would appricate it

  7. Help please

    I’m a single mom of two kids and currently have my two stepchildren and one is due in November with a baby I’m unable to work due to illness about to loose my apt and have no money for groceries household items or for other bills is there anyway I could receive any help thank you in advanced

  8. Amen!

    In need of money for food so my family can eat, we have barley anything now and won’t get money until Nov. 13

  9. Need a prayer

    I have been taking care of my grandpa for the past six months now he pasted and I have no job and no income please pray for me.

  10. Need financial help for food and bills.

    One would think that working as an LPN Nurse you were “rich” at least that’s what everyone thinks of this profession. But the truth in this matter is “no I’m not rich nor do I make enough to pay all of my bills and I don’ t have enough for food, it’s sad but true”. I struggle with money problems just like everyone else but I take care of your loves ones when their in the hospital, hurt, scared, and afraid of the unknown test results or up coming surgery. I hold your hand, give you a warm hug or a kind simple smile to try to brighten your day, I put your physical and mental needs first, when your mad and upset, and you curse and scream at me, just remember I’m there for you, to help you through this. When my shift is over and I look at my pay check I wonder to myself, what bills can I pay now and which ones can I pay later and will I have enough to buy food for my family? Lord Jesus, please help me to have the money I need to provide for my family. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  11. Need help with food

    Dear god, please help me feed my family and be able to make more then just dinner my boys are growing and need a lot to get them heathy and full I feel bad I can’t get all the food my kids want and need please God bless we with the food my family very much needs

  12. Needing from someone from above

    Dear lord I need a small amount of money to get through, this time tough time I’m going through.My sister can’t work she’s ill and also I have a nephew that’s coming 25 years and he can’t leave his house with a medical disorder.I’m sorry I never do this but I need help one time just to get me through the rest of the month,I hate asking,begging it’s very embarrassing to me.What money we do have all together and we can’t pay bills or food.This hurts to ask.I have 4 people in the household doing the best we can it’s just not enough this time.I’m sorry for asking.
    God Bless

  13. please help

    I’m desperately trying to make it through. I need to get groceries for myself 2 other people. Please pray and help me.

  14. In need of help with bills and food

    I’m a mom of 3 kids aged 13,12,8.. I lost my job back in july 2017 and have been looking for a job and been applying everywhere 🙁 my soon to be husband just got fired the end of Dec 2017.. He got hurt at work And was out of work Dec 18th he was cleared to go back to work on the 28th and on the 30th his boss fired him… So we have been without money since the 18th of December 🙁 he still hasn’t gotten unemployment… Our bills are piling up and starting to lose everything 🙁 where my soon to be husband was a truck driver we don’t qualify for food stamps til next month…. We are struggling so bad… I am so stressed out 🙁 I’m really hoping for a miracle to happen… I feel so bad for my children that they are going through this..

  15. Pray for my family of eight please

    Hi, I’m a mother of six. My husband stays home with my little ones because we were denied child care assistance three times. I’m an assistant manager yet don’t make enough to make ends meet. Recently we’ve been cut off from food stamps because they keep loosing our paper work and apparently there’s no trail of it in their system and ya their word against ours. We all know you can’t win with the government. I had to reapply again and this makes twice in one month returning the same paper work given this time with receipts for proof and it will take 30 days to either be approved or denied. Many people curse me and shoot me down for the amount of children we have and tell me I should have closed my legs. Not only is that heartbreaking to hear when I’m a strong hard working woman who does not ask anyone for anything and if it’s given to us I give it right back and have helped so many people without expecting anything in return just because I could at that time and knew how awful it is to struggle and even more so not having food and in the brink of loosing your home. Our vehicle broke down many months ago and I walk to and from work and if we need something we walk to go get it. I often ask GOD what do I need to do, and why are these chains of events happening. Maybe I’ll get an answer soon. Just a few minutes ago… I text my landlord because my pride wouldn’t let me call him to say what I said but I told him I’m sorry I know I’m behind $450 on my rent but I’m not paying it this week because I have to feed my family. Now, I pay $200 a week in rent. My checks are only a little over $300 a week. After rent that doesn’t leave much for food as the prices of food continue to soar. I’ve starved myself so my babies could eat and I’ve lost so much weight this month. I’m so tired and have headaches regularly. So in order to have food this week I will probably get an eviction notice and the responsible side of me says don’t do it but I’m sick of crying because I can’t feed my kids. Its the worst feeling in the world as a mother when your kids say they’re hungry and you’ve done all you can do with no result in curing their appetites. So, for that and the fact that I’m not trying to kill myself by not eating and working 40 hours a week I’m going to use my check for food. So, please pray for me and my family as I will pray for everyone of you that GOD delivers an abundance of food so I can get caught up in my rent if allowed!!!! I’m letting GOD handle this situation from here on out. It’s obviously not in my control as is so why not let him do his work while I do my part?!
    Thank you. From one struggling parent to another.

  16. I really need help.

    I’m 73 years old and live month to month on low fixed income. I needed a new prosthesis for my right foot. An agency covered the cost as Medicare denied payment,i’m not diabetic. I now need at least two pair of sturdy tie shoes. I’m in need of minor dental care and i’am being treated for glaucoma. I may need help for glasses. Medicare covers none of these extras. When all must be paid bills are paid,there is barely enough left for food. I have been searching for grant or charity help of $4000 to help me thru this crisis. Everything came at once. I’m a very strong Christian woman and i have faith. When things fall apart,i forget Jesus is right beside me. I’m also being treated for severe depression and anxiety and i get more depressed with all the searching for help. I do need prayers and hope i can get the one time help i need. Please please pray with me. Thank You

  17. I really need help

    Please I am very desperate I need help with my financial problem I am very trouble and I’m struggle in with two kids I really need your help

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