Desperate prayer to Saint Jude


St Jude i need your help desperately.

please restore my marriage so that our children my grow up in a favourable environment. help my husband to stop looking for onl his side and consider that we have young children who will suffer if we separate and especially my adolescent daughter and son and my young six year old daughter who will miss the love of a mother and direction of a mother.

St Jude i know my desperate cases and requests you have taken care of. with this answered prayer my children will have greater faith in God and even the whole family especially my husband who has been telling the children tat God does not exist.

please ST JUDE i leave everything to you because am sure you will take this note to God every day all i will do is to remind you how desperately i need your intervention.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Prayer to reconcile with my partner

    Desperate prayer to St Jude asking for a miracle to reconnect my daughter with her partner again. My daughter has left because she has been seeing someone else, however totally denies this is the reason. Please restore their relationshiip so their children can grow up in the family home with both their mother and father.

  2. Restore our loving relationship

    Dear St.Jude,

    I pray that me and my ex-boyfriend restore our relationship under these hard circumstances and hard situations.

    I broke up with him because of my parents’ pressure. It was so stressful and I was young to listen to what they said.

    They didn’t believe in our love, they saw his social, racial background and judged him and told me not to date him anymore.

    I know I had to listen to my parents because it’s the fourth commandment but I didn’t realize that if it is not in the Lord’s will, then I realized that in the bible, it says love is not about knowledge. I should have followed my heart but I made such decisions off of pressure and mind (knowledge).

    Dear saint Jude, please listen to my prayer and help me and my ex to reunite us under this hard circumstance.

    I know he’s moved on, has a new person in his life, so I don’t want to interrupt, but help him to realize that I made a wrong decision and it was completely a mistake. Please help me and my ex to reunite. Teach us about unconditional love, faith, hope, understanding and forgiveness. Please seems like there are so many obstacles in our relationship and I cannot even approach to him, saint Jude. Please help us to get back together. Situations and all these circumstances seem so desperate and hopeless. My health condition is slowly going worse and I am dropping classes… I cannot stop thinking about him and the mistake I made… please help me get out of this situation, St. Jude… help us to grow our loving relationship in this situation. Only God can change my ex’s heart… seems like all I can do is praying… Help us to get through this situation…

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