Desperate Prayer Needed for Son and his father.

by Deborah (PA, USA)

Dear God, please – my son and his father got in trouble with the law. They are facing jail or prison time. I pray they get out of this trouble, without going to jail or prison. They are not horrible people, but my son did something really stupid, and his dad got caught up in it because my son lives with him. Please dear God, in your mercy, spare them from going to prison or jail, because they would lose the business they worked so hard at, and their home. In Jesus’ name I pray you keep my son and his father at home. My son is scared to death, and I know he has learned a hard lesson, in a hard way. Please may they have the most effective attorney, in please send your most powerful Angels to surround them and this situation to get them out of this legal trouble. They are not career criminals of any kind, are not violent, just a dumb mistake make by a teenager, my son. Please help them escape jail and prison time. Somehow, some way, I know you can make this happen.In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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