Desperate Prayer for Money

Dear Lord, I thank you for the ways you have blessed me, as I know I could be a lot worse off. I am still in trouble, however, and need you to bless me by helping me get a sufficient amount of money before the next time I get paid. I know that I am a very bad money manager, and so want to do better. I owe my mom so much money, and have messed up miserably this month. Please Lord help me obtain enough money to stabilize my checking account until my next paycheck comes, as well as enough for me to get through. Nobody understands anything about me, and I have become accustomed to that, as I know I cannot control the thoughts of other people. Please give me a sign that you will come through for me, before this gets really bad, and please help me to make better choices. In Your Name, I pray, Amen.

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  1. Homeless

    Dear Lord…..Please help my son and his wife now as they are homeless through no fault of their own. They have six dogs and are trying to find rescue centers that will take these animals. They are living out of their car and right at the moment to make matters worse the water pump went out on the car so they are stuck. I do not have an income bigger than my social security. I have nothing that I can give them to help them out. It is so difficult for me to hear my son cry as he talks to me on the phone. I don’t know who to ask help from as I don’t have the sources to pay the money back. My son is disabled and my daughter-in-law recently got fired from her job. Things are bad for them….no place to shower and dogs to feed and no shelter. Please Lord help them. They have a refund coming from the IRS but for some reason it is being delayed. I know, Lord, that a miracle can come from you. Please, Lord, please give us good news today. Amen.

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