Desperate prayer for healing and a miracle

by Billran (San Benardino Ca)

Lord Father God, pleases hear my desperate prayer. I need healing from my anxiety/panic disorder and major depression. My days and nights are filled with terror and darkness. Lord, I worry excessively. Lord, I feel weak,insecure,lonely and scared. Lord please show me your presence when I am suffering.Lord, please heal me, deliver me and console me. Lord, I am financially unstable. Lord, I can’t support my self. My co-pays are expensive. I work two jobs, but they both are low paying. I need a new opportunity to make more money and the health,energy and confidence to pursue this new opportunity. Lord, all this according to your blessed will. Lord, I have been suffering a longtime and need hope. Lord, please heal, help and console all those who suffer and are in need of hope. In Jesus our Lord and Saviors name Amen

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