Desperate plea to save a marriage

by Jason (KS)

Heavenly Father, please help my marriage. It’s in such great trouble. I know I’ve not always treated her the way she deserved and it’s hurt her emotionally. I hate that I’ve done that. I hate myself so much for that. But she’s hurt me over the years too and isn’t taking responsibility for that. She says she’s done forever. She’s running instead of trying to work on this together. I can’t give up on 20 years together. My heart won’t let me. I pray, Lord, that you can reach into her heart and mind and help her see what she’s doing. Help her see that divorce won’t solve her problems in the end. Help us work together, Lord, to come back together as husband and wife. I feel so desperate. I love her as much as I ever have and more. I pray that she’ll give our marriage another chance. I pray that she’ll stop running from her problems. Help us in our counseling to reconcile. I pray for these things in your name, amen.

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