Desperate Need Prayer

by Natalie H. (Texas)

I’m asking for prayer in my relationship with the man I love. We recently had a dispute that kind of distance is for only a few days now. We are very much In love and I feel like the satin is trying to destroy our happiness by another party resurfacing with bad news that was before our time, because they were jealous we’re together and happy, and almost to the verge of us about to be married. Until the issue happened. I said some things because I freaked out not knowing what was going to happen next instead of going to God. I’ve fast about this and praying without ceasing, so I’m asking for Prayers, Hope,Faith, and Strength to know that our relationship will reunite as it should be, because we really do love each other, and that the Lord act upon my prayer request, and work in our favor to place us as we should be together.

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