Desperate need of a miracle undiagnosed illness

by Aaron ()

I am in great desperate need of Prayer for my eyes and vision among a few other things. Whatever is going on no one can diagnose it has completely taken life from me as I knew it. Please Jesus don’t let me get any sicker at all please put an end to this sickness and let healing begin as I speak. I know God you still heal with miracles and I need one more than words could ever say. I truly believe God gives certain people the ability to Pray over something to be able to help a person in a situation with what they need to do. I have been to so many specialists had mri ct which all came back good thank the Lord. Week before last I was admitted into the university of Louisville and they still could not find out what is causing me these terrible problems. They believed me 100 % just did not have any answers. They done another mri which showed volume loss and I Pray with every ounce in me that doesn’t mean anything bad. my worst problems are severe debilitating eye pain and visual disturbances that are never ending. The worst vision problems are seeing objects repeatedly everything I look at, severe light sensitivity, flashes of light, always see light with my eyes closed, seeing moving white dots of light all the time, shadows and spots that aren’t there silhouettes of almost everything I look at bad floaters which I don’t hardly notice compared to the other bad things and so so much more. This has progessively gotten so much worse it’s almost unbearable. Also my eyes have became red almost all the time. The pain has made it impossible to live life normally I’ve dealt with this for over a year with it increasingly getting worse. I just Pray to my sweet Father in Heaven his healing touch alone will take away every single bit of this. I Pray God will touch me now to show me some relief from this eye pain and vision trouble just so I know I am getting better please God let it be your will in Jesus name as I speak to be healing me and please let it be your will to show me a miracle sign of healing for this eye pain and vision trouble just to know it is healing please my Precious Heavenly Father in Jesus name. I don’t care how long I’ve been sick or how sick I’ve got I know my God still heals. I Pray more than anything Lord you will touch me with healing as I speak that I can see and feel. I am honestly worried about my life things have gotten so bad. Please my Lord please do not let me get any sicker only healing starting now please Jesus. Have also been having one sided headaches for years now and seeing my heartbeat in my vision along with plugged ears all the time and other very strange symptoms rushing in my head while just lying still and so much more. I Pray God from the absolute bottom of my heart If I could just get a sign of relief from this eye pain and vision trouble so I could function again it would mean the world to me please my Precious Heavenly Father with a miracle even just a great sign of healing in Jesus name. All Prayer is greatly needed and appreciated more than you know. Thank you so much. I’m only 32 all I ever want is please God in Jesus name to have everything restored back to normal by you Lord. I don’t only believe I know you can and claim it in your loving saving physical body healing name Jesus Christ my everything!

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