Desperate need of a financial breakthrough or a money blessing

by Desperate (Mississippi)

Dear Lord

I am coming to you the best way that I know how. Lord I want to start off saying thank you for all that you have done an what you are doing. Lord I’m coming to you right now because I am in desperate need of a financial breakthrough or a money blessing. I am in the process of losing my kids. I am a single mom of four kids an I have done all that I could do.

I just lost my job 6 months ago an had to move out my home two months ago because I couldn’t afford to keep it. I am now living with my grandparents in a two bedroom house an it is getting harder by the day. Lord I know that I am not perfect an I haven’t done all that I was suppose to do but Lord I have never stopped praying or believing in you.

I know that I am a very good mother to my kids but I am tired of them going without things they need an them having to share a room with me. Lord please help me an make a way for us. In your son Jesus name I pray Amen…

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  1. desperate

    I hope and pray that everything turns out o.k. for your kids and yourself. God please bless this lady and her kids! Please.

  2. Praying For You

    Things don’t always happen when you want them to…I am a testimony to that. I am losing my home but after reading you prayer…I feel selfish. I prayed for you. I pray that you keep your children, find a new job and get a better home. I was really depressed this morning until I read your prayer. Just keep praying and God will work it out for you. It may not have worked out for me but you have children involved. So, I pray for you and God please have mercy on her. Grant her a financial breakthrough not just for her but for those babies too. Amen.

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