Desperate help needed for my marriage, our financial situation, and for our family.

by Genevieve (Pennsylvania)

Please St. Jude, I pray for your intercession for me in the deepest needs of my heart and soul right now. First, for my marriage. We’re in trouble. Recently my husband started having feelings for a co-worker. He started spending time with her at work outside of strictly work-related situations. He convinced me not to attend a work-related party with him by twisting the truth and saying another married, male co-worker would be with him – backup for each other. He did this so he could have some time alone with her. They began texting one another quite a bit over the course of a few days, he was hiding who he was texting from me and he locked up his phone to keep his texts private.

I do not believe that anything physical happened, but I do feel it was turning into an emotional affair, at least for him. For my part, I have made terrible mistakes with our finances, have hidden bills and status of our money from him. Not done with malice, but bad mistakes made and fear of battling with him over them. I also need to greatly improve on how I do with housework, meals and our children’s schooling. It all makes him feel unloved. We have to stop hurting each other and need to renew our marriage vows in our hearts and souls.

We need to re-commit to the love, trust and friendship that we once had. I love him so much and fear losing him. We have 19 years together, 16 years of those being married, two children on earth and one angel baby. Too much to give up and lose over stupidity.

Also, I recently made a mistake with banking that could ultimately mean the closing of our bank account because of other problems I have had in the past. If that happens, I fear that separation and possibly divorce will be inevitable, as he is so frustrated and angry over all the stupid things I have done with money.

While of course I would desire reconciliation, I know it would take a lot of time for him to be willing – if ever. If things work out badly, it hurts the whole family. I need the miracle of the bank letting this one slide and

Finally, for our children. They don’t deserve to be hurt by all these problems. They deserve parents who are loving and committed to one another, who respect one another, are faithful, and are there to help each other. They need good examples in us as their parents. Lately our teenage son is so full of anger, and his faith is on shaky ground because of all the craziness he reads online.

Our young daughter has been moody and bratty. They have not been told of the problems going on, but I think they sense the stress and tension. For our family’s sake, for our children’s sake, we need the miracle of recovery of our marriage, and I need the bank to not close our account. Our children deserve peace. I pray for peace and love in our family.

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