Desperate for your divine kingdom

by Johane D (New York)

Lord God please provide for me and my family, provide us with a two to three bedroom apartment in a good area. Lets us be out of poverty and gain abundane and prosperity. Help me become successful and have wisdom to be able to do all greatful things. I pray for good health. I pray that I change my bad habits and gain good habits. I pray that I finish school and drive a nice care 2015. I pray for a 16-30 per hr job this year so I could be able to pay my bills on time and stay out of debts. I pray to become mature and more responsible. I pray for my son’s education that he will be smart and obedient also to understand his professor. Let this brain suck all the knowledge so he doesn’t suffer in this life, let him be successful. I pray that the lord will always be there for me and my family and help me be successful so I can help others. I ask for positivity, strenght, good health, abundance, love, wisdom, respect and power In Jesus Christ name I pray that God hears my prayers and it will manifest in Jesus Christ name Amen and God bless you too.

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