Desperate for a house for my children

by Leah (California)

My name is Leah, and I am in the most desperate situation and it’s the 1st time I cannot get out, and with my children depending on me- we NEED a miracle-soon. I need as many people as possible to pray for me, and together with my prayers, I just know they will be answered.

My main concern/prayer request is to remove all negative energy, ethereal ties, negative emotions from my children/myself, especially to regain my clear/concise thoughts, to relieve depression, stress, extreme fatigue and excess weight. I desperately need house of my own that cannot be taken away from me, so my children can build memories and we can have peace.

I pray for immediate solid financial security, to ease my constant anxiety/fears, and to take care of the dental work I need so badly, the car repairs and to provide the stability we need and can depend on. I pray for the divine guidance necessary to rebuild our lives, repair relationships, heal deep wounds and my body if possible, freeing myself from all medications.

I pray for increased and continued Faith so we may be closer to God, Jesus, Mother Mary and Our Angels. Amen. (thank you so much, I’ll report back in 30 days

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