Desperate and needing a miracle, Please Lord, help us.

by Eva (Texas, USA)

Lord, have mercy on me and hear my prayer. Lord you know everything I am going thru.

Two years ago I had a job related injury to my neck, shoulders, humerus, elbow, forearm, wrist, hands to fingers. I am in pain daily and have lost everything.

I have lost my home, I am not renting out a room rather than live in the streets. I have no income. I have applied for disability but that can take years to received.

I am asking God for a new job or disability in order to be able to have a home again and pay bills that I need to pay.

I want a healing in my body, for both my arms to be completely restored. Total healing in both my arms.

Going thru all of this has made me lose all hope, brokenhearted and depressed, I have lost my joy and peace. I want to be able to live a real life, have a normal life, pay bills, laugh (have joy again) and to be completely free of pain, both my entire arms to be completely healed.

Thank you. God bless you.

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