by Shenee ()

I just keep having the same cycle thrown at me by the very people who are supposed to love me. I keep making so many sacrifices, even in my worst I still give from the heart, yet I always end up worst off. I just need a miracle at this point because I’m losing faith the more I feel like I try to gain it. I’m literally at my wits end. None of this is deserved. I was born already with a many circumstances against me yet still made to struggle. I’ve had enough. I can’t take anymore and refuse too. I want what is owed to me. I want the love, kindness, soft hearted, healing, prosperous, abundant energy I’ve given to even my worst enemies. It’s time for my blessings. Whatever hood is on them, I need it released. I no longer care to be tormented and taken advantage of and such by any enemy. I’ve lost so much and endured so much and yet I’m still here! I know I wasn’t placed on this earth to suffer. I no longer care to be forsaken. I’m beyond ready for my miracle and blessings. The very ones you’ve allowed me to be and to give to others even in my lowest! I need out this cycle once and for all so I can heal and be at peace and continue to be the blessing that I am and have been to so many. Now it’s my turn! I’m ready to reap my harvest! I’m ready for my breakthroughs and my miracles! I no longer care to be bounded by any enemy! I pray for my peace, my protection, and my prosperity.

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