A brother in need

A brother that served in the army is suffering from chronic pain, depression and thoughts of suicide please take from my blessings to help him give him the strength to cope Amen

Urgent prayer

Please pray for my Son and me. ALOT is going on AND a Great place that we were to move into on September 1 is changing. The landlord is changing the price and the deposit. Please pray–I do not know what to do!! Please pray!!

Prayer for my daughter

Dear Lord. This is a prayer for my loving daughter who is feeling down and depressed today. She is in a new job that she is not enjoying, has just moved house with her husband and has a lot on her plate at the moment. I pray that you will bring peace and comfort to … Continue reading “Prayer for my daughter”


I am so depressed all the time, I want peace to come to me.


Please lord come into my heart and into my soul. I have been lost without you for so long. I feel worthless and unworthy of love from anyone especially from you. Please forgive me for my sins and give me a real purpose for my life. I wish to serve you and make you proud … Continue reading “Lost”


Please pray for me. I’ve fought depression for years. I feel hopeless and so alone.

Healing of mind

I need healing from bipolar disease. Am taking medicines for 36 years… Please pray for healing of mind, heart and body. Thanks

Hard times

I pray for an end to my financial hardship. I pray that I am able to care for my children as a single parent.


I have been running through tough time. Please help me reagain confidence.


I suffer from bipolar disorder, I need prayer for my healing I am really believe that Jesus Christ is my saviour. I really enjoy reading my bible I need prayer for my depression.


Father God I come to you today for HELP I am a 61 year old certified nursing assistant who is working at a nursing home with people younger than I I feel a few of them are discriminating against my age they don’t hide the fact I am depressed because of the way I am … Continue reading “Stuck”


Pray for my family will have a safe and good day..AF. will not be depressed and can be a needed useful person.


Dear Lord please help me to get through this on my own i know I’m not perfect Lord please help me and my family cause we need you the most especially what I’m going through please heal me and blessed my family in the name of Jesus amen🙌🙌

Prayer for Healing

Dear Brethren in Christ, Please pray for me. I am a mother of 2 and i just gave birth to my daughter last Aug 18, and I need strength physically and emotionally. Thank you for all your prayers. May God bless us all. In Jesus name, amen!

Working against the enemy

Dear God, Please help Ron as the enemy is working very hard to destroy him. It seems that the enemy is doing everything possible to completely destroy his spirit and at this point Ron is very weak emotionally, physically and spiritually. Ron desperately needs some hope to get through this epic struggle. Please pray that … Continue reading “Working against the enemy”

Uplifting prayer

I am dealing with a lot of issues with a lot of anger built bitterness and stress , anxiety, depressing that I am struggling to unfold my miskates and seek my heart deepest to seek the lord every single day of my life . I have always wanted to be a better Christian and it’s … Continue reading “Uplifting prayer”


Dear my beloved brothers/sisters, in Christ,, greeting you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. am currently in Melbourne, holding student.visa, and I share powerful Word of God to brothers/sisters of this city. there is a young man studying together, Kevin Rampersad, who possessed several occult spirits, disturbed me frequently. please my loving brothers/sisters, in … Continue reading “Salvation”

Distant change

God Lord help me stop being fearful and to learn to take charge and stop worrying about the results of making music and god give me the strength to know I can do and stop procrastinating and feeling hopeless and sad and let me know that you are with me.


Please provide me and my son comfort and guidance from the depression we have been experiencing.

Prayer for purpose

God please show me my purpose in life. I feel so hopeless and alone. I feel like nothing I do is good enough from relationships to work and parenting. Please help me God and reveal to me what I’m really meant to do in this life for you. Thank you. In Jesus name I pray, … Continue reading “Prayer for purpose”

Prayer for my son

My son is going through guilt for his past deeds and he is in depression. Hi is not able to put his mind in right direction.All the time he is having suicidal thoughts. Please pray for his mental health.

Prayer for depression

Please lord help lift me up from feeling down and hopeless lately. From financial issues, to my living situation, to recent hurt from a relationship, I am having a hard time picking myself up confidently and smiling. My spirit feels dampened and my energy is low. Please help me Lord? Amen

Pray for my son to get thus this ordeal

Please pray for my son to become who he once was before he made a immature mistake. His depression is hurting him greatly and he is a very good person. Please pray he can get thru this unscathed.

Pray for me I’m always stressed

Im always stressed and sad and silent ,i was totaly different ,i don’t know what is the cause of my situation, please i need your prayers for me.

Please, prayers

Please pray for me to have peace in my heart. I am so stressed and worried about my relationship with my wife. I love her so much, but I feel we are growing apart. 😢

My life is a mess and I feel hopeless

Please pray for peace and hope in my life. My family is broken. I can no longer hold on! The everyday stress is overwhoverwhelming! Financial strain and verbal abuse is more than I can bear.


Feeling lonely and hopeless. Having thoughts of suicide.


Hi, Could you please pray for my daughter, Justine who is suffering from depression and anxiety and struggling with suicidal thoughts Thank You


Dear God, I want to be able to find myself and to find compassionate love in my life. I want to be able to have unconditional love for my family. I want to find my soul purpose and to use my gifts to inspire other to be happy. I want to get rid of the … Continue reading “Forgiveiness”

Financial Brakethrough

Praise The Lord Please Pray for me I have no job & now I have no income source to survive. also suffering from depression. I need brake through. Please Pray for me.

Family Problems

Pray for Erica and tyler to get their lives in order they have many problems addiction, depression, employment. pray for Carolyn and donna to get their lives in order. pray that I can help them give me wisdom of what to do.

Employment and Healing

Thank you for this ministry. I get so much out of it. I have been job hunting since February of this year. This week I have had several interviews; several rejections, one offer and one passed the 1st interview not onto the 2nd. I’m a homeowner…if I don’t get a job soon…I’m in danger of … Continue reading “Employment and Healing”


I am so distracted with life things that I can’t pray. It is causing me to feel down and depressed. Depression runs in my family and I keep fighting it but it keeps trying to creep up on me. The distractions are the evil people that keep trying to come up against me with lies … Continue reading “Distractions/depression”

Prayer for healing

For almost three years now I have gone been through depression and had a lot of stress. Coworkers have rejected me and family members seem very distant, and really don’t want to give me advice or comfort. I feel defeated and confused. I have come to terms to except everything that I cannot change and … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”


God, help me please. i have spoiled my life and i see nothing ahead. help me get back to my feet. guide me through this storm. please god. i cannot cope with this alone. help me take care of everything that is falling apart.


Please pray that I’m released from this hole called anxiety and depression.I just want to feel less heavy.I want to find peace of mind and tranquility.


Lord heal me from fear worry doubt anxiety insomnia depression and help me to get a good nights sleep with my cpap machine.


My step dad passed away in 2014 things have been spiraling out of control in my life since then.lost my job got another job lost a job got another job repoed car then had a child then homeless now got a car then insurance lapsed and my car burst in to flames out of nowhere … Continue reading “Lost”

Job Loss

Please pray for strength that I will not sink into a state of depression as I wait on God to guide me through this job seeking process. Wisdom, patience, humility and the ability to release any anger.

I need a pice of land to lease

I need a pice of land to lease I got a 6 months notice I’m walking n can’t seem to get nun but I’m press in on.

Hopeless and depressed

Just been feeling hopeless and depressed lately. A lot of things going on health wise in my family and myself which has made us be in and out of the hospital or out of work. I am depressed with work. Use to love my job but not it all about politics basically it’s not about … Continue reading “Hopeless and depressed”

Help finding happiness

Father God please take this burden of loneliness mourning and depression off me. please blesss me and my son finacially mentally and spiritually in the name of jesus amen.