For my friends and family

I would like to request prayer for my brother Titus and his girlfried they also have a child together a little boy. I pray that their relationship be restored and that the will of God be done in their lives. I pray for healing for my brothers health. I pray for restoration by the time … Continue reading “For my friends and family”

gave up on life

i gave up on life 2 years ago if i could only stop looking back and forgive and forget if i could have hope to ever be happy again i keep saying theres no use i just quite its like im deed but still breathing praying to not wake up every day if i could … Continue reading “gave up on life”

Almighthy God in Jesus’ name please grant my prayer for the healing of my teenager nephew

Dear Jesus I among the sinners in this world whom you have saved may not be worthy of asking your healing grace and to Almighty Father, but my faith shall assure me of thy favor in behalf of my dear 20 year old depressed teenager nephew (Tintin) who had been struggling and fast loosing hope … Continue reading “Almighthy God in Jesus’ name please grant my prayer for the healing of my teenager nephew”

Pray that Robert’s depression goes away

Please pray that our Lord Jesus may touch Robert (RAY) and cure him of his depression and may he be born again and believe in God and the salvation that is availabe through Jesus Christ. Amen

Lord please help me get over the heartbreak

Lord please help me get over this heartbreak and lonliness,my heart aches so much I feel nobody cares my heart is broken..I was in a relationship but was dumped Lord please help me get over my hurt I feel so Jesus name amen

Depression and obesity

Father, I know you have created me in your self image, and I know that you desire for me to be healthy, confident, and strong. Lord, this feeling of worthlessness and sadness are so overwhelming. I know that my overeating and drinking are because of my hatred of self right now. I ask that you … Continue reading “Depression and obesity”

Depression And anxiety

Dear heavenly father, I’ve been praying to you for a very long time to to lift me from my depression & Anxiety, You have helped me so much with my anxiety. But i feel My depression is getting worse than ever. I look at my family and get jealous at how they always seem to … Continue reading “Depression And anxiety”

Learn me to be Strong

Lord Jesus Please before I open my mouth forgive my sins… Lord Help my to be strong I know I am weak and maybe I hurt people with my tongue please Father help me to be quite and teach me to be quite… Since that my husband don’t have work now every second word we … Continue reading “Learn me to be Strong”

My Sons Brenton and Casey

Please pray that Brenton can get his licenses that he can get it back and Pray for Casey that my Husband stops fighting with him god bless you for all your prayers sincerely Their mother Rose Pruitt

Please God heal the depression in my heart

Please God heal the depression in my heart. I feel so sad and hopeless. Please take this from me once and for all and let me feel your love and joy. I love you God! Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen