depression stress my boyfriend had a little breakdown at work

Please god I pray that you take away the evil that lies in my boyfriends boss.

She is definitely a sick woman who strives on hurting people. My boyfriend gets tortured daily in this workplace by this sick woman. May you help her with her sickness and my boyfriend with his depression and anxiety. He was told he has to take medication while he is there that is making hem depressed but calming his anxiety. He can’t leave there until he has a compatible paying job with benefits or we wouldn’t make it. At this point with his breakdown I am ready to tell him just to leave but that would make matters worse with no other job. You can’t imagine how this woman tortures him daily in front of customers. If she can’t torture all day her day isn’t complete. She and her family live a very sick life and it’s taking a toll on my boyfriend. Please god may he find another job so he can leave meanwhile while he is there please give him the strength to get through this its really affecting his health. AMEN

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