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Hello God or Jesus. I am not sure how to address you, since I do not find myself attached to any faith. I just believe that there is a higher being out there. I’ve been reading my family’s stories lately of how you saved them and guided them to America. I know my prayer does not hold the same weight as their prayers since their stories were about survival and life or death…but I figured I will try anyways. First and foremost, I pray for you to watch over my family’s physical health/well-being, success and happiness. Second, I pray that you will guide me on the right path towards success and happiness as well. I am unhappy with my current job. I pray that you will present me the opportunity for a job that cares about diversity, inclusion, and fair pay for women of color like myself. I pray that less people will die, that a vaccine will be found for this COVID virus, and that the shameful president of the United States will NOT be re-elected. I pray for a better world, for less people to be hungry, for people to start taking climate change more seriously and to treat Mother Nature with more respect. I pray that this pandemic will end soon and that we can return to our (new) normal lives. I want to live my life without fear. I want to be a good person and learn to control my emotions better and not get so judgmental or get upset in an instant. I pray that you can help me to be the best version of myself possible and that I live my life authentically and connect with as many people as I can. I pray that you will help me feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I am my own harshest critic. I pray that you will give me strength and motivation to succeed and just work on things I set aside in my mind. I hope you can hear/see/read my prayers. Amen.

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