Dental emergency and no help

by Chassandra (Worcester, Ma)

Father I come before you as humble as I can father, thanking you for all the great things and all of the not so great things in my life because I know you make those things happen for reasons and purposes our human minds can not yet comprehend Jesus. Oh Jehovah my lord I come before you presenting you my dental problems. Father I pray in faith that your powerful hand and mercy touch my problem areas and give me brand new teeth in your holy name father. Father I pray in faith knowing nothing is impossible for you to do. I’ve seen you perform your miracles and fill cavities in a church with not just any old filling but diamonds! Father i am not asking for diamonds nor am I asking for pearls. Jesus I am asking that merciful hand touch my mouth and extract these wisdom teeth fix all my broken teeth and show all insurance companies and doctors that you are doctor of all doctors. You are surgeon of all surgeons! I am in desperate need of a miracle Jesus. I praise you because you are wonderful, I praise you because you are marvelous, I praise you because you are merciful ! Please extend your hand out to me father and help me heal from this pain help this pain go away. I pray in your name Jesus, Amen!

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