by Amanda ()

I’m battling a demon that is causing me to go to sleep for hours when I need to study and is affecting my ability to do well in school. I am very hurt. to the point of weeping. This has been going on for a years. I keep having traumatic experiences and I think this strengthens it’s grip. I was homeless this year and I know homelessness puts people in the position for all kinds of sickness. I am very very hurt that I am being targeted by the enemy. This is my first time being alone from home. I have have problems with sleep sleep my entire life. Priorities I need to study I don’t know what happened to call the demon to torment me I have tried to remove anything out of my life that might have caused this to happen. but it seems as if it is just the enemy is targeting me because this is not great opportunity for success thank you for praying free for me.

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