Demonic oppression/ sickness

by Naquita ()

I have been oppressed by demonic forces for most of my life, I dabbled in witchcraft and now know it has put spirits around me one particular that has given me lesions that do not heal the doctors do not have any explanation on what it is. A year ago I started seeing what I call sky demons everyday mostly at night following me, people demon stalking among other things. I was badly abused sexually physically mentally emotionally in childhood rejected by both set of parents adopted and biological. All my biological family has died prematurely I have one blood brother everyone else died in random and weird accidents and ways I never have forgotten god nor Jesus no matter what time in my life I have been thru all things I have never renounced him or blamed him for all I went thru and go thru. There is a dark spirit that I cannot remove I need help please pray for me I am already sick and struggling with addiction I am alone all my friends have turned on me it weird ways my partner and children are influenced by this negative presence as well they way they talk and treat each other is cold unloving a way I never taught them to be no matter what darkness was going on in my life . Please help. God bless everyone.

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