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Every night at 12 am my bed vibrates. I asked my husband lay on my bed he doesn’t feel the vibration that I feel. I later on his bed and I felt the same vibration. I also see apparitions of different people that I don’t know. Sometimes these entities touch me try to push me off bed and last night I was praying laying on my back and it pushed on my right side I flung it away with no right arm then I felt it running across my left foot
I continued back to praying laying on my back and I heard a voice whisper it was a woman’s voice I didn’t recognize the voice and I didn’t hear clearly what she said but I asked what do you want from me and she answered your soul and your mind
I continued to pray and sprayed all around the room with sage binding up and casting out any unclean spirits, familiar spirits and demonic spirits. This has been occuring for a very long time but I was able to sleep in peace afterwards. Will everyone please join me in agreement with prayers. I became an ordained minister in August of last year but I have been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ approximately 30 years off and on falling by the way side to sexual sins, however the Lord never took his hand off me like the prodigal son he came for me many times and welcomed me giving the very best God the father has. Thank hy so very much at may God’s grace, mercy, peace, blessings ay agapeo love be with everyone always. Amen

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