Deliverence In Our Marriage (No More Cheating)

by SLSW (Arkansas)

Lord Bless our marriage! Lord Bless my husband to be the husband you will him to be. Bless me to be the wife Lord you will for me to be. Lord I know already I’ve been the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. Touch my husband’s (Randolph) mind to admit it quit it! I can forgive him totally! He has cried, begged, pleaded me to come back.

I pray GOD that he allow himself to let you show him who he really is. He tells me he has never had a good woman as myself yet he cheated while I was in the hospital.(In our bed) Even thou he knows there is proof & that I know the truth. He is still in denial. God we know that it is your will & that you put us together! I pray for strength! I know GOD I can not return until you are finished with him! God I give you the Glory, Honor & Praise for what you have already done! Amen!

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