by Marie Grace (New Zealand)

Please pray for me, that God will reveal to me every secret behind the problem. That the light of God will be a lamp unto my feet, to guide me very strongly which way to go, and what to do.

God gave me the word sedition last night, sedition in my life and over this country by this group that have continued to pursue my life for years. Please call out to God to set me free from this spirit of sedition.

Ask God to set us free from every bewitched relationship.

Tonight God has revealed Isaiah 29:5 Enemies become like fine dust, the ruthlesss hordes like blown chaff. Going on to Isaiah 29:15 Hide their plans from the Lord. Who will see us? who will know? Please pray these scriptures over my son and my life. That these evil plans that were planted over our lives in both Melbourne and New Zealand are broken off our lives. I have worked on this every day since we came back 9th December 2007 and it still has not broken.

thank you so much and God bless