Deliverance healing protection

by Curtis ()

i need your help to pray with me I need people that care in my life I know i have sent a lot of requests but I’m having a very hard time . I was abused severely as a child and most my life . I did drugs all my life trying to escape from myself and it hurt so much i just prayed every night that one day I would be free from all the rejection and pain inside me. I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere because I have never had anyone just care for me or about me at all. Everyone wants to just throw me away because I have no self esteem or confidence because I keep believing the worst about myself and I shake inside from fear and it weirds everyone out. The only time I ever have relief and I can fit in is when I’m either high on drugs or medications to block out the pain and nervous anxiety or when I have prayer I know I have a spirit of fear and it’s controlled my life for 38 years and I’ve destroyed everything in my life including my health and everything else. I’m really not sure what to do but I need help to get my life back I need healing and strength and deliverance from fear I’m coming off my medications because there not the answer and I really need all the help I can get please if you don’t mind pray for me so I can be healed delivered and set free and for protection on my life and for my health please I’m sorry but I have no one else in my life and all that cares for me thank you for your time and help I pray you will have a nice night. Thank you for everything in Jesus name.

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