Deliverance from strongholds, bonds and chains

by D G ()

Urgent fasting and prayer needed for my daughter’s husband for adultery, sex addition, alcoholism, frequents strip clubs, narsistic personality, porn, proud and arrogant spirit, abusive, controlling, habitual liar, addicted to phone text and talking to women, porn, many other bondage problem. He has been bound for many years. Treats women like objects and throws they away like a piece of trash. Can turn off feelings and is cold and calculating. Cold blood runs through his veins. He has no conscience whatsoever. His conscience has been seared.My daughter wants this marriage to work and is praying for his shakles and chains to be broken and is praying for his salvation. She still loves him. He walked out and is not calling or texting her. He was recently seen with a biker chic gang member and is riding her around on the bike that my daughter and husband own. He was seen recently at a biker gang bar that she might be a member of. He does not pay any bills at all and my daughter has to pay them all and will soon be delinquent on them. He used her financially and every way he could. He is a user and abuser and when he gets bored he walks away to get other satisfaction. please pray for wrong relationships’ to break destructive habits, patterns and attitudes, open iron gates that seem to yield no other way, pray to heal my daughter’s broken heart and mend her marriage. I know fasting unlocks prison gates, changes hearts, circumstances and destinies, it can life torment of a lifetime even ancestral bondage of centries in a family line. Please “fast and pray”. This is an urgent matter. Life and death are on the line here. by praying and fasting will loose his bonds and undo heavy burdens and let the catives go free and breaks every yoke. my son-in-law needs this desperately! My daughter needs you to fast and pray with her for this matter. Please!

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