Deliverance from a Spirit of Narcissism

by Ken ()

I am a Christian and believer and yet I still struggle with so many demons and manifestations that make me a liar, full of doubt, immaturity and a sense of inferiority. I cannot emotionally connect to people and it is destroying my marriage and threatening to alienate me permanently and irrevocably from my family. I pray daily and yet I cannot break free of the bondage that makes me feel trapped (A psychiatrist would call it narcissism, I think). I feel also that this is pretty much all coming to a head and I feel like I can’t move forward in the things that I must do in order to at least make an effort to heal the situation because every time that I try, I am unable to overcome the bondage, I feel trapped by and in my own flesh and I cannot connect with the Holy Spirit to be able to adequately move in the spirit. I would say that time is running out, but I fear that it is worse than that. I’m out of time. Please pray for my deliverance and liberation from this situation so that I can become complete in the Lord, carrying out the life He intended for me and serving Him, my wife and my family.

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