deliverance for my boyfriend and our marriage

by Pavithra (India)

Dear Lord,

Jona seems to have a pattern for going out of the relationship and coming back in. This time he has been gone for long and it scares hasn’t spoken a word in all these days. Lord you see our hearts you see our pain. Please help us see what mistakes we are doing and how we are hurting each other that we may never do it ever. Help us forgive each other.
Father you have seen how much he loved me..renew our relationship Lord. Deliver him lord from his sinful friends who drag him into all things unholy. Fill him with your spirit Father and bring him back saved man.
Break all the bonds of enemy on us tha prevent us from marrying each other, that prevent us from being happy and from him loving me. I trust in you Lord, I believe nothing is impossible with God.
I ask you for these miracles in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord.